How to acquire Turkish Citizenship through property investment in Istanbul?


Turkey citizenship by investment is the quickest route to obtaining Turkish citizenship. After you invest $400,000 in real estate, you are entitled to get your Turkish passport in less than four months from submitting the application. The following are some general steps and requirements for acquiring Turkish citizenship through property investment in Istanbul:

  • Property Investment Amount: The minimum investment amount required for acquiring Turkish citizenship through property investment was set at a certain threshold (usually in USD or its equivalent in Turkish Lira). This amount could vary based on government decisions, so it’s important to verify the current threshold.
  • Property Purchase: You would need to purchase one or multiple properties in Turkey that collectively meet or exceed the minimum investment amount. These properties can be residential, commercial, or a combination of both.
  • Title Deed and Property Valuation: Once you’ve identified the property or properties you wish to invest in, you need to obtain the title deed (TAPU) for the properties. The value of the property or properties would be assessed by the relevant authorities.
  • Application Submission: With the required property investment made, you would submit an application for Turkish citizenship through property investment. This application is usually submitted to the Ministry of Interior or the relevant government agency.
  • Background Check and Approval: Turkish authorities would conduct a background check on you as the applicant. If you pass the background check and your application is approved, you will receive an official approval document.
  • Turkish Citizenship: After receiving approval, you can proceed to complete the necessary procedures to obtain your Turkish citizenship. This may involve visiting a local office and providing additional documentation.
  • Dual Citizenship Rights: Turkey allows dual citizenship which means that you don’t have to give up on your nationality to acquire a Turkish passport. This is a huge benefit for many investors who have commitments in their home country.
  • Easy Schengen Visa: Turkey citizenship holders can easily apply for a Schengen visa, provided they furnish and submit sufficient documents. Moreover, there are many other countries having bilateral agreements with the country to allow visa-free travel. These include Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and almost full Latin America.

It’s important to note that laws and regulations can change, and the process might be subject to specific conditions and requirements that could change over time. Additionally, working with a legal expert or a professional immigration consultant with expertise in Turkish citizenship and property investment can be extremely helpful to navigate the process smoothly and ensure that you have the most accurate and current information.

Before making any decisions or investments, it is highly recommended to verify the information with official sources, such as the official website of the Turkish government, and consulting with legal professionals who specialize in Turkish immigration and property laws.

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